Why Use Yuan's Baby Range?

Plants are extracted with low heat technology to ensure maximum nutrients are harvested to benefit the skin.
Plants and essential oils compounds to enhance the skin immunity
Herbs are harvested from Yuan’s own farm located in a Taiwan’s National Park (Yangmingshan) which is free from pollution and chemicals use.
Feels light on the skin, and easily absorbed
No Parabens, SLS, and Fragrance.

阿原特别针对宝宝敏感脆弱肌肤推出“植萃宝宝系列”,此系列商品包含清洁露,润肤乳,修护霜及护身油,使用更高规格的开发,添加艾草及多种天然植萃 清洁开始呵护肌肤,除了不刺激肌肤和保湿外,更提升肌肤保护性,针对宝宝常有的肌肤泛红,发痒等,也能够有效的减缓发炎症状,让宝宝更舒适,天然的原料,不 会造成负担,家长也能够放心使用,给予宝宝天然呵护。

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